• Marketing Segmentation Positioning Targeting

    Helping you to understand your market and your customers by providing the right groundwork and then devising ways to provide relevant goods or services to them.

  • strategy moving forward

    Exploring and developing unique business opportunities to create and add value through creative dialogue to positively affect your company's direction

  • Events delivering the dream

    We understand that each event is its own showcase and must therefore achieve the highest standards that todays busy and demanding visitors and delegates expect.


Helping you take strategic decisions about key factors affecting your business

Growth by its very nature brings greater complexity to every organisation. We can assist you to plan strategically for the future helping you develop winning strategies that evolve as your business grows.

With the benefit of hands on experience at board level in some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the UK and overseas, Westling is able to offer a broad range of skills and expertise to any organisation however large or small.

This includes, Business and IT Strategy, Supply Chain, Brand Strategy, Change Manazgement, Personnel Development, Subscription Management & Fulfilment.


Helping you to make business critical decisions

Let us help you analyze your customer data market research, marketing strategy, and marketing plans. This will help you identify opportunities and potential threats as they relate to the strong and weak points of your organisation within your industry as a whole. Our Partners in India are also well equipped to help you understand the excellent opportunities that clearly exist in Asia.

.We do not believe in glib "off the shelf" advice and solutions but will work closely with you to fully understand your company's strategic objectives and then and only then will we make suggestions as to a way forward

new business

Helping you identify and prioritise new business opportinities

Once we have a clear understanding of your strategic objectives and aspirations, we will work with you to identify new business opportunities and territories that are consistent with your company's core competence and values.. This will include suggesting activities your company should pursue, to position itself to greatest advantage, finally developing an innovative and contemporary marketing plan that accurately targets your customers.

We have considerable expertise and experience in negotiating with companies our clients might potentially partner or do business with, combined with excellent people and communication skills

Consultancy services overview

With a wealth of hands on business experience and expertise Westling can work with your management team to unlock the true potential in your business. We can also help you tackle any resistance to change that can so often hinder true creativity and innovation.

Retainer Consulting
We represent a client company as an extension of its business functions over a fixed term. Our recent work has included, brand strategy and implementation , new launches, business acquisition strategy, IT strategy and representing the client in discussions with potential partners, joint ventures, vendors, and in new channel development.

Project Consulting

Proposed and billed on a per-project and per-milestone basis, project consulting offers you a cost effective way to harness our experience and expertise to solve specific problems, develop and/or implement plans. We can also help you to identify and develop specific business opportunities.

Key to everything we do is our belief that the solutions we provide must always be consistent with the commercial and strategic objectives of your business.


Event Development and Management

With over 25 years experience managing some of the world's leading Exhibitions and Conferences in the UK and overseas, attracting audiences from a few thousand to over 60,000, Westling is well placed to offer a complete and proven event management solution.

We have a sound understanding of the technical, logistical, creative and commercial issues involved, in running both large and small scale events and we have a reputation for managing these with drive, commitment, efficiency and above all realism

As your organisation goes international we can also help you with every aspect of your participation at Expos around Europe. This includes, selecting and proposing suitable events, stand build, graphics, presentations, marketing and introductions to prospects